The 21–Day Guided Meditation Course Group


Join the class! Where/When: Online Classes: Occurs once per week for 4 weeks on Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:45. Spans 21 days. Lead by: James.  Meditation Assignment: Nightly Check-in: Daily

Crafted for people who are feeling too tired to meditate or feeling they just don’t have the time. If you you believe that even a few minutes of meditation each day is that missing piece in their life…then this may just be for you!  I designed the 21-Day Guided Meditation Course for those looking to learn how to relax into meditation easily, without a huge daily time commitment….and to fall asleep more easily and deeply as a result. The combination of deeply restorative sleep and meditation will help you to awaken energized to new insights for better sleep and life.

Supporting your journey toward healthy sleep habits

The 21-Day Guided Meditation Course includes the following tools to support your journey toward healthy sleep habits:

  • Four class calls conducted online with group; once per week for four weeks.
  • Course material;
  • Guidebook full of helpful resources plus journal space for you to reflect upon your sleep experience each day;
  • Guided meditation download single for use while lying in bed and drifting off to sleep;
  • Access to a private Facebook group for interaction, connection, and feedback from others on a similar journey.
  • Optional – Daily review partner to support your sleep journey;