About Goodnite Guru

Fill up your tank from the inside

The stress of jobs, families, and other life responsibilities often leaves us feeling worn out and unable to feel we can allow ourselves the time to wind down and relax when it’s time to sleep. All this giving to others leaves little time to reflect, and to invest in ourselves and our own well-being. This stress can lead to a cycle of poor rest and an empty tank.

Guided meditation on your terms

Maybe this sounds familiar? This is the reason I created the Goodnite Guru digital download and the 21-day program, to give everyone the opportunity to have an experience of meditation and deep relaxation on terms that fit into a packed schedule.

“In working with James with a private immersion session, it was profound, surprising, insightful, healing. James facilitates in the most profound, skillful way. Creating a sense of safety. What perhaps amazed me most was that he wasn’t guiding me in meditation but walking me into my own meditation…supporting my consciousness in going to a deeper place.”

~reflection of Lisa, and her experience with James

The Guru is not out there; It’s right there inside

Simply listen to the download as you fall asleep. It will help you fall asleep by putting you in touch with that quiet calm presence inside… The deeper part of you that knows it’s ok to let go and let everything be as it is, to fill your tank from the inside.

How can the Goodnite Guru support you?

Our 21-day Guided Meditation Program and digital download series are professionally crafted and designed to give you the experience of relaxation for deep sleep. You will be able to release the stress of your day and fall into that quiet calm presence within to achieve restful sleep.

In addition, you will be guided to discover what meditation means to you? and supported to create the habit of opening to your deeper purpose & clarifying your daily intentions more skillfully.

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